Jeff Frankart Rehab Director

American Medical Center Rehab Director and N-GPS Founder, Jeff Frankart comes to us with 28 years of military and 22 years of Physical Therapy experience. He comes from a small farming community in Ohio and entered the Air Force in 1989. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and the Medical College of Ohio with a degree in Physical Therapy in 1996.

He has treated over 50,000 patients in his over his 22-year career as a military and civilian physical therapist. His passion is chronic and low back pain recovery. It was during this 8 year supporting combat operations in Germany, while under the mentorship of Harvard Professor Dr. James Rainville, MD, that he created the Neuroplastic-GPS (N-GPS) chronic pain treatment system. N-GPS has successfully been completed by all branches of the US Armed Forces, and including Special Operations Forces, Navy Seals, Army Special Forces & Rangers, prior Delta, TACP, Air Force pilots and civilians between the ages of 18-97 years old.

Jeff is currently a Major in the Army Reserves. He is married to Carla M. Frankart of Madison, Ohio. Jeff enjoys spending quality time with his wife, traveling, and outdoor sports.

Phone Number:
(06371) 49 50 20